This simulation cannot constitute an offer of credit. The information is non-contractual and is given as an indication. The final acceptance of your loan application remains subject to approval by the lender, namely your chosen bank. Only the loan offer that will be done, after verification of the supporting documents and a comprehensive study of your case, will have contractual value.

As a borrower, you have a legal reflection period of 10 days from the reception of the loan offer to accept it. The realization of the sale is subordinate to the granting of the loan. If the loan is not obtained, the seller shall repay you the total sum paid. As long as the transaction is not definitely concluded, no payment on any grounds can be done.

If you are planning work on your house for an amount of under 75.000 €, your credit will be subject to the legal regime of consumer’s credit. For an amount of over 75.000 €, your credit will be subject to the legal regime of a real estate loan.

In order to obtain your simulation, please fill out the form below on the left under "Data to be entered”. This simulation is done excluding the costs of a borrower(s)’s insurance.
For simplification purposes, according to the decimals, the numbers have been rounded to the inferior or superior unity.

To enter a rate with a decimal, please type a point and not a comma (example 1.9 for 1,9%).

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