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RCS of Bourg-En-Bresse: 794389627
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Independent broker in banking operations and payment services, real estate loans, repurchase of credit – Authorized Representative and Intermediary for Personal Insurances.

Consumer mediator approved and appointed by Mrs Chantal PELLETIER, CONSULT'IMMO FINANCE :

DEVIGNY MEDIATION, 9 Avenue René Gasnier- D01, 49100 ANGERS - Tél : 0241254758 - Email : -                                                    Website :


The remuneration of the broker is due on the day the transaction that is the subject of the mandate between him and the client will be effectively completed.
In accordance with article L519-6 of the French monetary and financial code (code monétaire et financier), «Any individual or legal entity who/which provides his/its support, for whatever purpose and in whatever manner, directly or indirectly, for the obtaining or the granting of a loan of money, shall be prohibited from receiving any sum by way of an introductory charge, commission, or research fee, prospecting fee, procedural fee, origination fee or payment for any other involvement, before the loaned funds are effectively made available.
He/it shall also be prohibited, pending receipt of the funds and a copy of the deed, from presenting bills of exchange to the borrower for acceptance or from having him/it sign promissory notes as a means of collecting any fee or commission referred to in the previous paragraph.
Violations of the provisions of the first and second paragraphs of this article shall be sought out and recorded as provided for in Article L. 353-5 and shall be punished with the penalties indicated in Article L. 353-1.»

Transmission of information

The gathered information is subject to a computer process intended for the processing of the request as defined in the mandate between the broker Mrs PELLETIER Chantal- CONSULT’IMMO FINANCE and the client.
Under the law 78-17 of January 6th 1978 modified relating to computer technology, to files and to freedoms, the information concerning the client, gathered for needs that are linked to the mandate between the broker Mrs PELLETIER Chantal – CONSULT’IMMO FINANCE and the client, shall not be used and shall not be the object of external communication but for the needs of management and prospection of the broker.
Right of access and rectification: Under the articles 39 and after of the law of January 6th 1978, modified relating to computer technology, to files and to freedoms, the client has a right of access to and rectification of the information concerning him with Mrs PELLETIER Chantal – CONSULT’IMMO FINANCE or with CNIL.
Furthermore, the client has the right to object to the processing of the data concerning him with a view to prospection, by sending a letter to Mrs PELLETIER Chantal – CONSULT’IMMO FINANCE - 137 rue Voltaire, 01220 DIVONNE LES BAINS

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